Are we crazy?

I ask myself this question a lot lately.  Are we completely out of our minds for trying to have another baby?  There is definitely a part of me wondering, “You want to have another kid?  Did you completely forget how terrible your recovery was last time?  What about your poor husband who stood there in horror while everything happened?”

As I’m typing this, all of the cognitive, logical thought processes are kicking in, “You have a plan.  You know what to look for this time.  You already know what it is like when something goes wrong.  Your doctors are amazing, they will be right there.”

My husband has already confessed his fear of me going into the world’s fastest labor at home, where we would be 35 minutes away from our hospital and beloved doctors.  I would be lying if I said we hadn’t already worked out a game plan for him in the event that happens though.  We don’t actually think any of this will happen again, but, like most people who’ve been through this, you know the odds aren’t in your favor for it not happening again or something else going wrong.

On the flip side, I keep thinking, I have been given this chance to have another baby.  My doctor worked really hard to make that happen for me and, if nothing else, I’ve always envisioned my son having the opportunity for a sibling.  I thought we’d have to adopt for more kids when I was being rushed into surgery after the inversion.  I was 100% OK and accepting of it and we still aren’t opposed to it as an option after we have Baby #2 and I get my tubes tied.

Here we are, giving it a go.  Ignoring or trying our best to deal with the little voices in our heads screaming, “Why are you doing this again?  Have you lost your minds???”

I’ll leave you with this – which pretty much sums up our current state perfectly.

“Having a child is surely the most beautifully irrational act that two people in love can commit.” 
– Bill Cosby, Fatherhood

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