Pregnancy After Inversion: Week 10

I knew that subsequent pregnancies tended to result in “showing” sooner than first pregnancies.  However, I was not prepared for just how fast that would happen post-inversion.  My doctor explains it well by saying, during the inversion, all of my ligaments were stretched to the max and way more than the average woman encounters.  It completely makes sense, and did result in many twinges and pulling pains much sooner this pregnancy as well (round ligament pains weren’t even on my radar until about week 16 with my first).

The other “fun” result of showing earlier is the awkward, “OMG, Congrats!  I didn’t know you were expecting” comments from people whom we aren’t ready to tell yet.  This actually first happened on Mother’s Day, the day before my first ultrasound.  Needless to say, I was caught off guard and nervous because I still hadn’t had a chance to see baby with my own eyes for my own peace of mind.

Thankfully, we had a great ultrasound, so if it comes up now, I just go ahead and tell people what’s going on – though we still aren’t “out” on Facebook yet.  Nothing is official until it happens in social media, right?

Here’s a nice little comparison for ya:

10 Weeks with Baby #1

10 Weeks with Baby #1

7 Weeks with Baby #2

7 Weeks with Baby #2

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