Pregnancy After Inversion: 30 Week Update

Wow, I managed to get a little sidelined with posting pregnancy updates!  Before I get rolling into what’s going on at 30 weeks, I want to hit on a few “milestones” that I’ve missed updating on.

20 Weeks: We had our anatomy scan and everything looked great!  So happy to see healthy lungs, belly, brain, bones, and all of that stuff they check (most of which I don’t know what we are looking at).  My fluid levels and cervix looked great too.  We are excited that we are having another boy – definitely makes prepping for baby much easier since we already have everything we need.

28 Weeks: Since my fluid levels dropped dangerously low with Little CJ, we are going to play it safe with Baby #2 and do ultrasounds every 4 weeks from 28 weeks to 36 weeks.  At 36 weeks, we are going to see if that needs to be upped to a weekly ultrasound or not.  The 28 week ultrasound went perfectly!  Plenty of fluid, healthy looking little guy, and enjoying a “normal” pregnancy so far.  Baby is already over 3 lbs so far (eek!).  It’s good to hear that everything is looking normal, though it still gives me pause since everything with CJ was normal up until this point as well too.

28 Week Ultrasound Pic:


30 Weeks:  Now we are caught up!  I’m really happy to be in the “30s” for weeks, because I know every day just adds on to the chances that our little guy, whose name initials will be “RT”, will be healthy.  I’ve really been feeling the aches and pains of the third trimester though.  I know I look a lot bigger this time too.  I’m getting a lot of “Wow, you must be due SOON!” comments and I can tell that my belly is sticking out a lot more than it did with CJ.  I know that it is from my ligaments being stretched to the max with the inversion and just general “it’s a second pregnancy and everything is looser” things.  I’ve had to be careful with my tailbone too, which I know is a common third trimester complaint for all women.

I am starting to wonder if scheduling a c-section at 39 weeks is futile, because I really wonder if RT will try to come earlier.  Of course, I’m wondering this as 2 of my friends just delivered their little boys 2-3 weeks early.  This is the hardest part with the unpredictability of child-birth for me.  I like having everything “planned” as best I can and, especially since we are working against complications from the last pregnancy, I really want to mitigate against any risks.


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