Pregnancy After Inversion: 35 Week Update

35 Weeks!  The end is so close and, yet, feels so far away.  I’m large, uncomfortable, and questioning the physical capacity of my belly vs. baby.  My 32 week ultrasound looked great.  Baby is growing about 10 days ahead of schedule and fluid levels are good.

I’m pretty certain I will wind up in labor before my scheduled c-section date.  Apparently, all pregnant chicks in their 3rd trimesters say that, so I guess we will have to wait and see.  Baby has already dropped though, which is earlier than CJ did.  The OBs don’t seem too worried about me going into labor earlier as far as potential risks from the inversion last time.  It will just be a matter of me getting to the hospital and them deciding when to go ahead and complete the c-section.

I’m definitely feeling “ready” to not be pregnant anymore.  I know the craziness that will come with having a newborn is exhausting, but I forgot how tiring the last month of pregnancy is too!  Oh, the things we forget :).

35 Week Belly Pic (plus a really cute photo-bomber):


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