Pregnancy After Inversion: Touring the Hospital

We took CJ with us to tour the hospital this weekend in order to help him prepare for becoming a big brother and re-acquaint ourselves with everything again.  I think (well, I know) my husband was nervous about being back there and potentially having some sort of panic attack with remembering everything that happened.  I was more worried about any changes that had been made since I was there last time, mainly because I had a really wonderful experience with the nurses and staff and hoped they hadn’t changed how they handle everything with patients.

What we didn’t expect was the opportunity to offer reassurance to another family on the tour.  Another mom on the tour had Pre-E with her first child and, as a result of how things went the first time, she’d switched her practice and hospital.  We actually pulled them aside after the tour and said: Hey, not to be too personal, but here is what happened to me when I delivered and here is how well everything was handled.  I’m glad we met this family, it gave my husband and I a chance to remind ourselves of what a great experience with had with the hospital itself, knowing that they had made the best of a really scary situation was great peace of mind.

The tour, overall, was identical to the tour that I’d had when I was expecting CJ.  CJ did seem to get a little overwhelmed when seeing the baby nursery, which is completely understandable.  He will be 3 in February, so he is still trying to make sense of everything.

We also ran into one of my original nurses – it was actually the “old school” nurse who started my induction with CJ and then hugged me after originally hearing that I’d had a uterine inversion.  It was nice getting to see her again and she was telling our tour about how they are trying some of the “new” techniques with babies during c-sections, including skin to skin time with mom ASAP, which I’d been really hoping would happen.  My main reservation about having a c-section all along had been missing early bonding time with my baby again, since I’d missed that when CJ was born due to the inversion and surgery.

The tour was one of the last “to do’s” on our list, so now we are just tying up loose ends in preparation of Baby RT’s arrival!  I’m definitely ready to meet this little guy :).

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